Visitors from Palestine

On Wednesday we welcomed our friends from Palestine who are visiting Wales. We have been virtually talking to their school for over 2 years and it was lovely to see them in person. We talked about Wales and they brought lots of things from Palestine to show us.

Dosbarth Gwennol Session 4

Children in both groups were invited to create their own forest school artwork and frame it using natural materials.

Nature Friends session 3

Nature friends had a super forest school session. They were invited to imagine that the forest school area was their campsite and they had to work together to create their community.

Welcome back!

It was lovely to welcome back parents to our school after such a long time. The children were delighted to show off all of their hard work in their books and our wall displays.

'Howlers' Forest School Session

The ‘Howlers’ really enjoyed continuing there Forest School journey today. They played some team games and were invited to make a ‘new kingdom for the little people that had lost their kingdom in a recent flood’. They created some wonderful structures with superb detail. They enjoyed their ‘explore and discover’ time where they made soup, climbed trees and swung on ropes,

Jigsaw PHSE

This week we have been looking at the natural process of growing older. We looked at photographs of special people in our lives when they were younger and as they are now. In our groups we discussed some of the similarities and some of the differences between the two pictures. Children then drew their own pictures of someone special to them and they discussed what they liked and respected about those people.

Open the Book!

Last week we welcomed the Open the book team bac k into our school for our collective worship sessions. With the help of some year 2 pupils they retold the story of ‘the road to Damascus’

Jubilee Celebrations!

What a fabulous end to half term celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee out on the playground. It was lovely for us to be able to come together after such a long time!