Hi everyone, it’s Miss Jones! I’m back to work next week, I can’t quite believe nearly 9 months have gone already…I was looking forward to seeing you all but things haven’t quite gone to plan, have they!! Miss Edwards and I are going to work on a job-share basis for now so that I have time to get used to working like this and so that your wonderful teacher of the last 9 months doesn’t just ‘disappear’!!! I’ll be planning the Maths for now, I’ve put my contact details on the plan and I’m keen to see what you’re all up to! Miss Jones

Week 6 - 1/6/2020

Hi all, hope you had a wonderful half term week. Back to it!

It’s Multifaith week so the afternoon’s are all based on that with a Literacy Plan based on a book called Flotsam and Maths for the week attached on separate sheets. Just choose the correct colour for your child not all the colours. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Plan: Week 6





Year 5

Iaith/Literacy: Flotsam

Multifaith: Islam

Week 5 - 15/5/2020

This week work is clearly differentiated. With the maths, you need to choose the level that your child works on in school, which are attached below. This week Iaith is based on reading skills, you’ll need different resources dependant on your child’s grouping for reading. They should know this but please message me if they have forgotten!

Planning sheet: Week 5


Green:  Green Maths

Blue: Blue Maths

Red: Red Maths

IaithMonday and Tuesday

Green: Comprehension-Rainforest-Creatures-Easy

Blue: Comprehension-Rainforest-Creatures-Tricky

Red: Comprehension-Rainforest-Creatures-Expert

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Green: Bang-Whizz-

Blue and Red:  Red Book

Science: ca-sc-18-precipitation-experiment-activity-sheet_ver_1  and  ca-sc-17-precipitation-experiment-stepbystep-instructions_ver_1 

Welsh:Y Traeth

Week 4

Next week’s work. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Plan: Week 4


Maths: Interpret data Year 4


Plan: au-t2-e-3203-persuasive-letter-writing-template-english-australian_ver_2

Verbs: T2-E-2189-Alternative-Verbs-Vocabulary-Grid-_ver_4



Maths: Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-VF-Interpret-Charts

Iaith:   t-l-4647–fronted-adverbials-ks2-word-mat-list-_ver_6

Science:  Activity Sheet Evaporation Investigation

Activity Sheet Washing Line Conclusions


Maths: Year-4-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-RPS-Interpret-Charts

Iaith: t2-e-5032-ks2-persuasive-letter-checklist-_ver_1



Week 3 - 4/5/2020

Week 3 – Wow that’s gone quickly. I hope Week 2 has gone well for you and you have a relaxed and enjoyable weekend.

Remember with the worksheets for maths, you only need to do one version these are all on the bottom of the sheets:

Green: Developing

Blue: Expected

Red: Greater Depth

The plan is attached here: Week 3

All further attachments needed to complete certain tasks are attached below:



Persuasive Letters: red_crayon_-_the_day_the_crayons_quit



Mantle Letter:Letter from WWF Cymru


Maths:Converting Length



Persuasive Letter Checklist:




Powerpoint for support:


Worksheets: Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-3-VF-Perimeter-of-a-Rectangle

Welsh: Water Translation Sheet


Maths: Year-4-Autumn-Block-3-Step-3-RPS-Perimeter-of-a-Rectangle


Week 2 of Home Learning 28/4/20

Year 4 – Week 2 Home Learning – 28/4/2020

If you decide to do them on different days, that is completely fine, do what suits your family. Work completed should be sent to me via email, Facebook or teams please.

Attachments such as worksheets turned into pdf’s are below the table, click the link and it will take you to the form.

Again any questions please email me or message me on messenger, I will do all I can to help you, be that a phone call or message.

Everyday Activities

  • Reading
  • TT Rockstars
  • Physical Activity – Joe Wicks, Oti Mabuse Dance lessons etc.
  Iaith Maths Other Curriculum Areas
Monday Oral session – Like a P4C session, have a discussion with family or facetime a friend and discuss one of these topics, do you agree or disagree?

·         Children shouldn’t have to wear school uniform.

·         Should Zoo’s exist?

·         Do children have too much homework?

Fractions – download a fraction wall. Lots on twinkl or just google one.


Make a fraction snap game or print one off from here.

Attached below


If making one, use your fraction wall to find different fractions that are the same.

For example :1             2

–           =     –

2             4

Mantle – Inspirational people.

Do some more research on your inspirational people. Create a fact file on one or two and present it on teams, email or facebook.

Tuesday Read the travel articles attached below, which one would you prefer to go to? How has the writer/advertiser made you choose your preferred one?

Look at the one created by Miss Edwards on Australia, have I included everything on my list? What do you like about it, label the brochure to see if I have.

Play some of these equivalent fractions games: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/fractions-and-decimals



Science –

The Water Cycle –  Watch this video:



Create the Water Cycle Wheel attached below.

Wednesday Research different travel destinations. Choose a country and write a fact file/bullet pointed list of what would make someone want to go there. Using your fraction wall and prior knowledge, complete the worksheets attached below.

G: 1*

B: 2*

R: 3*

Year 5:

Mindfulness – Learn and practice this breathing technique.


Instructions attached.

Thursday Create your plan of a travel document on Word or by hand. Use the research that you found yesterday and plan how you would lay your article out. Use this list (attached below) to ensure you include all the persuasive features. Make your own equivalent fractions worksheet to test me or your parents.





Welsh –



Attached below is the powerpoint in Welsh about food. Please make a list of foods you like and don’t like.

Friday Write your final article on word or by hand using your plan. Send it to me via photo or on teams. Equivalent Fractions Problem Solving.

Attached below.


Art – research a famous artist and look at the work they created. Try and recreate one of their drawings or paintings.




Fraction Snap Game: t2-m-2014-equivalent-fractions-matching-cards_ver_1


Travel articles: alton_towers_wagoll__family___man_:


 Travel Brochure

Water Cycle:Water Cycle Wheel


Fractions Worksheets: Please choose the correct ability. 

Higher Ability Mixed

Lower Ability Mixed

Middle Ability Mixed 

Square breathing: Google or Twinkl. 


Persuasive Features:  Persuasive

Welsh: PowerPoint is on teams as it won’t upload here. 


Problem Solving:Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-3-RPS-Equivalent-Fractions-2