Research, research and more research....

After meeting Daisy at the train station we went back to class and used historical sources such as newspapers, books, photographs and letters to help us work in our mantle groups to complete our mind maps about what we want to find out this term about evacuees in World War Two.

Planning for Spring 2023-Journey

We discussed the story ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. Following this we created our own magical world using resources from the classroom on the carpet. Then we talked about different journeys we could take using different transports. We worked in groups to create freeze frames of these journeys.

Evacuees arrive in Knighton!

Children in Jac-Y-Do and Gwennol met Daisy at the train station in Knighton.  Daisy was an evacuee and she had just arrived in Knighton from Liverpool.  She had been sent to Knighton during World War 2 to keep her safe from the German bombing in Liverpool.

The children will be studying the theme of the journeys made by evacuees to Knighton during World War 2 through the Mantle of the Expert approach to the new curriculum.

Miss Rees and Mrs Fielding would be very interested in hearing from you if you have any information regarding evacuees during World War 2. Their email addresses are:

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