Eisteddfod Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

Your child’s homework over this half term holiday will be to enter one (or more) of the competitions for our Dydd Dathliad Cymraeg which will be held on Friday 4th March. Our Dydd Dathliad Cymraeg is our schools day for celebrating St. David’s Day. All entries need to be uploaded onto HWB and shared with the designated teacher. Remember the more entries you compete in, the more chance you will have of winning a prize. There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each category per key stage (Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2). All entries need to be in by Tuesday 1st March.

Year 3 Home Learning

Maths and Literacy 

Children were given a pack at the end of last term to complete on Friday 7th January. This includes maths and literacy work.


This term we are going to be learning about rainforests. Watch the following video and talk about it.


Do you know anything already? What is it called? What are they like? Where in the world are they? What grows there? Watch the video again and imagine you are there. Use your senses to help: see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

  1. Complete a senses journey based on the rainforest. The sheet can be found below. Please do not print it out, just copy it onto paper or complete it on the computer.
  2. Look at the words and definitions below and match them. Again no need to print these out, discuss with an adult or write them out.




Any questions please let me know?

Milo the Science Rover

We used LegoWeDo to create Milo the Science Rover. Milo is used to explore far away places. We then had to code Milo to move and decide what each coding block meant.

If you are unable to come to school for COVID-related reasons, please complete this work and email it to us.

Science work: clarkea89@hwbcymru.net

All other year 4 work: jonest499@hwbcymru.net

All other year 3 work:EvansR294@hebcymru.net

This work can also be completed if our class bubble has to be closed. More work will be posted within 72 hours of the closure.

ICT (Computers) Lost in Space

Well-Being wellbeing-journal-2 wellbeing-journal-3

Spellings – use these strategies to spell the words.  Spellings      t2-e-2206-year-3-and-4-word-list-checklist_ver_2

Welsh 02(i) Learn the Story & Actions



Children to also practise times tables and log into Emile online.








Children to also log into Nessy!


Homework Due 14th September

Children will bring their Homework books home to complete the work. No need to print the work out unless you want to. We will be checking that homework is done on the 14th September.

Iaith this week will be already in their books.


Croeso i Jac-y-Do

I am hoping everyone had a great first week back.

We created a music playlist for golden time. It s the first time ever that the music choices reflected what parents listen to. Myself and Mrs George were loving the choices. I think we were more excited than the children.


Children are allowed to change their books once finished. It does not matter what day this is and we are encouraging them to become more independent. We expect children to read at least three times a week with an adult at home. The yellow reading record needs to be signed at least three times to show this. We will check this every Tuesday. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.