,Well done to all Foundation Phase pupils for a fantastic nativity performance of ‘Baubles.’



This week we have been developing our jumping, hopping, skipping, leaping, walking, marching and rolling skills.

We enjoyed playing the games ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Island Hopping’.


Today we developed our ‘dodging’ skills.  We kept our heads up to look where we were going.  We bent our knees and we pushed off on our left foot to dodge right and pushed off on our right foot to dodge left .

We also played ‘fishes in the sea’ practicing our dodging skills.

Great Geography!

Following our walk around Knighton, we have been looking at natural and man-made features in Knighton.  We used 2d and 3d shapes to create our chosen feature.


Coding Club

We started this years coding club with some unplugged coding. We really enjoyed creating obstacle courses for each other. We then blindfolded one person and had to give them instructions to get through the course.

We found out that instructions need to be detailed and clear to be effective.

Friendship Council

The Friendship Council have lots of exciting ideas for the coming year. Watch this space for news of our plans, especially the games we want to implement during break-times and our friendship stop.