Paparazzi Collages

We looked at different celebrities to do with film. We researched Steven Spielberg,  Emma Watson, Tom Hanks and Stan Winston. In golden time we dressed up and took silly pictures. We then used different materials and skills to create our very own paparazzi collage. We all had laughed and had fun as a whole class.

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have been learning about the different roles and jobs needed to create a film. We decided to make our own stop animation films on Christmas. So far we have been the producer and director where we discussed what kind of film we would like to make. Next we took the role of screenwriter by creating our own storyboards and scripts. This week we have taken the role of art director and costume designer. We created our own backgrounds, props and characters, using different materials. We are very excited to start filming next week!

Outdoor Learning!

We enjoyed finding natural materials on the field that we could use to make self-portraits. You can see them up in our corridor!

Walk around Knighton

Jack (the beanstalk) wanted us to find out about Knighton for him, as he is thinking about moving to Knighton in order to escape the giant.

We enjoyed walking around Knighton and identifying the human and physical features of the town.

Andy Goldsworthy Art

Today, we have been inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  Andy takes his inspiration from the world around him and uses natural materials for his pieces.

Here are some of our Andy Goldsworthy inspired pieces.

Which material would make the strongest house?

We were challenged to build three houses for the Three Little Pigs using editable building materials.

After discussing the properties of each material, we predicted which house would stay standing if the wolf blew it down.

We discussed things that we would keep the same during our experiment.

We built our houses in small groups and thought about how we were going to construct each house to ensure it stayed standing.

Unfortunately, once we had built the houses the big bad wolf was nowhere to be seen, so we used a hairdryer instead to attempt blow down the houses!