Welsh activity for w/b 22/02/21

Please go through the powerpoint posted on Teams, (Kim’s game, y corff), and revise the parts of the body in Welsh, then have a go at the game at the end of the powerpoint!

Diolch ๐Ÿ™‚




We would like you to have a go at writing a paragraph in Welsh about yourself please!ย  There are sheets attached (see below) to support you, but please do not use google translate!ย  Just try your best and send us your work via email or Teams by Friday 12th February please.ย  Diolch ๐Ÿ™‚



Well being for the week beginning 8th February

There are 2 wellbeing sessions this week.

The first session is on Monday at 11am, this is a live lesson, please see the lesson resources below for this.

Wellbeing activity paper aeroplane

The second session for this week can be completed at any point. We would like you to create an obstacle course. This could be indoors or outdoors with whatever you have laying around, which you have permission to use. Try and have:

Something to go over

Something to go under

Something to go through

Something to dodge round

You could film or take pictures of yourself completing this, try and get your family involved too!

Hope you have some fun with this!

Maths for the week beginning 8th February

Hi everyone. There are only 3 maths sessions this week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). There will be an internet safety day on Tuesday so there won’t be maths on that day and Friday is an inset day so no work for you then. Hope you enjoy your four day week and have a lovely half term holiday!

Monday Science maths database interrogation

Maths planning for Wednesday and Thursday

Answers for Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday live lesson types-of-graph-or-chart

Thursday live lesson line graphs