Junk Modelling

Captain Green wanted us to ‘use things again’. So, in groups, we created models using junk materials.

Digital Camera

Gwennol's small steps to saving the planet!

Dosbarth Gwennol are helping Captain Green clear up rubbish so they took part in a litter pick on the school grounds!

Fruit trees! Coed Ffrwythau!

We recently applied for and received 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees, from The Conservation Volunteers. We planted them on Friday!

It was interesting digging the hole; there were so many discussions about how to hold the spade, what to do with your feet, is the hole big enough? Hopefully we’ve done the job correctly!

Whilst we were on the field some children collected litter from hedgerows and gather broken equipment. We also measured the fence lines that hadn’t got hedgerows…that might be our next project!!

The Size of Wales workshop - Maint Cymru!

Today Year 3 & 4 were visited by Elin from The Size of Wales to deliver a workshop about rainforests and climate change. We have been working on rainforests within our mantle so a lot of the information felt familiar to us. We learnt more about the issues with the ingredient ‘palm oil’ and how our day-to-day lives can impact of the tropical rainforests. 

Did you know that tropical rainforests that equal 9 times the size of Wales are cut down every year? We can make small changes to help with this, such as buying a Fairtrade product once a week, baking at home (who knew baking could save lives?) using sustainable ingredients etc. And if you see this symbol on the products, even better! Let us know if you find one, it is apparently quite elusive!

Bird Feeders

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

The children have enjoyed following instructions carefully to make their own bird feeders.

Our Eco Tree!

Mr and Mrs Watts have been busy preparing a tree to be displayed at St. Edward’s Church during the festive period.

Each class in school have created two baubles to decorate the tree.  The baubles are linked to our School’s Core Christian Values and they are made using recyclable materials.

Maths Enrichment Day with an Eco focus!

We worked in Mantle groups to come up with ideas for selling items on a stall at a Victorian Fayre, with a focus on eco-friendly products and an awareness of carbon footprints!  We tried to make sure that our products were locally sourced and that we used recycled materials where possible.  We had to try and make a profit!  We calculated the cost of rent, wages, materials and advertising amongst other things and then took these costs away from our total of items that would need to be sold to see whether we had made a profit or loss!