Dathliad Cymraeg

The whole school have worked extremely hard to make Dydd Dathliad Cymraeg a huge success. The children’s attitude to the competitions and ’round robin’ of activities have been exceptional. Excellent performances by all classes delivering a Welsh song. Well done to all of our competition winners and all children for participating in the competitions.


Out and About!

We enjoyed another trip to the supermarket to practice our money handling skills and asking for help.

Can you guess what we are going to do this week?

Auto Draft

Safer Internet Day

We talked about how we search safely for information on the internet. We used the voice recorder to help us.

We searched for information on dinosaurs.


Jim and Rob from Powys Road Safety visited us today to introduce the Kerbcraft scheme.

Kerbcraft is a practical child pedestrian training scheme designed to teach pedestrian skills to 5 to 7 year olds, by means of practical road-side training rather than teaching in the classroom.

Kerbcraft is built around teaching three skills: choosing safe places and routes; crossing safely at parked cars and crossing safely near junctions.

After half term, the children will be taught in the road environment near the school, in pairs or groups of three children, by trained volunteers.


Today, we visited the shops to use money in real life situations. We bought some yummy treats!

Cinio Nadolig!

Roedd e’n blasus ac roedd pawb yn hapus! It was delicious and everyone was happy! Diolch i’r cogyddesau, thank you to Jane, Emma and Claire!