Today, we visited the shops to use money in real life situations. We bought some yummy treats!

Cinio Nadolig!

Roedd e’n blasus ac roedd pawb yn hapus! It was delicious and everyone was happy! Diolch i’r cogyddesau, thank you to Jane, Emma and Claire!


We worked together to help Santa find his way to the house.

Nadolig Llawen i chi!

Everyone has enjoyed our free Christmas breakfast…we’re feeling full ready to see The Animal Man and to get Christmas-crafting ready for the fayre on Friday!

Owls and Other Nocturnal Animals

We have been extremely busy researching and learning about owls and other nocturnal animals. The children have written amazing kenning poems.

Examples –

The Owl

Feathers – Swooping

Eyes – Hunting

Wings – Beating

The Owl

Feathers – Soaring

Eyes – Hunting

Claws – Clashing

Wings – Gliding