Science games

We used our learning about human systems to create boards games. This was a lot of fun!


We had a lot of fun at Zumba on Wednesday. Thank you Tania!

Literacy Enrichment

For literacy enrichment day, we looked at ly and simile sentences then used these to write some poetry about autumn. In the afternoon, we then created artwork to accompany our poems. We really enjoyed our day.

Five Ways to Well-being

Gail from In Reach CAMHS came in to see us to talk about well-being. We learnt that the 5 ways to well-being are: Keep learning, connect, take notice, give and be active. We then created posters to share ideas of how we might do this.

Well-being Day!

In the morning, we discussed what makes a good day and a bad day and how to change things when they are going wrong. We then had great fun in the sun playing with the circus skills equipment in the morning. After lunch, when we weren’t swimming, we played yard games, including ‘Mr. Martian’, Duck, Duck Goose and Wink Murder. What a lovely active day we had.

Diwrnod Shwmae Su'mae

We celebrated Welsh speaking by learning a Welsh song, doing some mindful Welsh word colouring and playing Welsh yard games. We had a fun day!

Harvest Festival

Cnoc-y-coed spoke beautifully in church sharing their ‘Thankful for:’ posters as part of a class prayer.

Visit from PC Viv

Pc Viv came in to talk to us about keeping safe and good friendships. This was very interesting and we learnt a lot.

Freeze framing

We looked at a photo of some refugees. We made the same pose they were making in the photo. We held this pose. Then we thought about what they might be thinking and what they might say in the same situation.

Preparing for the harvest festival.

We spent time thinking about things to be thankful for at harvest time. We then used different techniques to make a poster to share at the church next week. This was a lot of fun. Good team work Cnoc-y-coed!