Fruit trees! Coed Ffrwythau!

We recently applied for and received 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees, from The Conservation Volunteers. We planted them on Friday!

It was interesting digging the hole; there were so many discussions about how to hold the spade, what to do with your feet, is the hole big enough? Hopefully we’ve done the job correctly!

Whilst we were on the field some children collected litter from hedgerows and gather broken equipment. We also measured the fence lines that hadn’t got hedgerows…that might be our next project!!

Wild Save- we got the job!

Now that we have a rescue centre and a plenty of case studies to prove we are up to the job, we have worked to put together a quote for the job. The quote included; vehicle hire, staff, medication, camping equipment etc. The children worked hard to use the information available to them and used a spreadsheet on Hwb to input their costs and calculate a total using a formula.

We then decided we were ready to email Mr Thomas to give him the information he wanted. We practised using formal language and looked at the features of emails, and information and persuasion texts. We also attached our case studies and quotes to the emails.

Good news…we got the job!!

Next we had to consider how we would get ready for the job. The children organised them into the different teams Wild Save would have and thought about some of the responsibilities.

Office staff- messages to the transport team & CCTV to keep the animals safe

Drivers- transporting staff, vehicles, cargo (equipment) & animals

Rescue team- track the animals, find them and take them to the rescue centre

Vets- checking and treating the animals, equipment & medication

Receptionist- booking the animals into the centre

Support team- setting up camp and organising food & drink for staff & animals

In amongst these discussions the idea of dangers arose; what could go wrong and what we could do about it. It was agreed that risk assessments would need to be completed before we started the job to make sure it would be safe.

A busy week! Wythnos brysur!

This week the children have been working on floor plans for their rescue centre. They agreed they would use a scale to draw their plans which would be annotated with dimensions and the area of the space. They also worked in groups to create a junk model of one of the enclosures from their rescue centre!

World Book Day!

The Size of Wales workshop - Maint Cymru!

Today Year 3 & 4 were visited by Elin from The Size of Wales to deliver a workshop about rainforests and climate change. We have been working on rainforests within our mantle so a lot of the information felt familiar to us. We learnt more about the issues with the ingredient ‘palm oil’ and how our day-to-day lives can impact of the tropical rainforests. 

Did you know that tropical rainforests that equal 9 times the size of Wales are cut down every year? We can make small changes to help with this, such as buying a Fairtrade product once a week, baking at home (who knew baking could save lives?) using sustainable ingredients etc. And if you see this symbol on the products, even better! Let us know if you find one, it is apparently quite elusive!

Eisteddfod Dydd Gŵyl Dewi

Your child’s homework over this half term holiday will be to enter one (or more) of the competitions for our Dydd Dathliad Cymraeg which will be held on Friday 4th March. Our Dydd Dathliad Cymraeg is our schools day for celebrating St. David’s Day. All entries need to be uploaded onto HWB and shared with the designated teacher. Remember the more entries you compete in, the more chance you will have of winning a prize. There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each category per key stage (Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2). All entries need to be in by Tuesday 1st March.


This week we have finished our previous case studies to prove we are capable of the job. We have now moved on to planning our Wild Save Centre; there has been lots to think about.

In Maths we have been working with decimal numbers and in Iaith handwriting has been a big focus!

Internet Safety Day

We enjoyed our visit from PC Ainsworth, she helped us to think about being respectful online. We made some snap dragons to take home, to facilitate conversations between pupils and parents about what children use and access online.

Rainforests - Fforest llaw

We have been busy researching rainforests; each group chose a continent to learn about. We then used this to create information texts, and to make a salt-dough map of Earth.

In Maths we have been learning to use column division!

Year 4 home-learning Fri 7th Jan


Please find below the 3 activities I would like you to complete. The documents are also in the Teams folder if you would prefer to access them from there.

Maths Fri 7th Jan

Iaith Fri 7th Jan



Thema- Send me an email from your Hwb account, tell me about your Christmas holiday. It might be your favourite present, someone you got to spend time with, an activity you completed etc.  

You should have my email address in your system but it’s: 

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Monday! 

Christmas games!


This week the children have worked in small groups to create their own board games based on Christmas; they were all so focussed and creative!!

We’ve also learned how to use column division this week; it’s a tricky one but they can all see how much they have improved in their understanding of the strategy already!