Fire Engine

Thank you to Knighton Fire Brigade who kindly brought their fire engine to the school. The children had a fabulous time exploring the equipment.

Creating Volcanoes

We created our own interpretation of an erupting volcano when we were fin ding out how volcanoes were formed.

Forest School

Year 3 enjoyed their forest school session. They displayed fantastic skills of resilience, perseverance and worked well together as a team.

Earth Artwork!

Year 2 and 3 have worked hard to create a piece of artwork depicting one of the Elements, Earth. Da iawn pawb!

Layers of Earth

Today we started our Mantle of the Expert theme looking at Earth’s ‘elements’ by being a team of investigators exploring the layers of the Earth. We used salt dough to make models of the Earth.


Fire Safety

We were joined by Angela today from Mid West Wales Fire Brigade. Angela is a fire safety officer. She talked to us about the types of fire, fire hazards and she read us a story about a dragon called Sbarc with an important message “Don’t touch, tell!” The story was about the danger of touching lighters and matches.

Mantle of the Expert

Children in Dosbarth Gwennol and Dosbarth Jac-Y-Do have come up with lots of ideas around their Mantle of the Expert theme of Elements for this term. Here are some of their ideas…

Water Pictures

Children in Dosbarth Gwennol and Dosbarth Jac-Y-Do have enjoyed creating pieces of artwork about the element of water. They have created pictures of rivers, sea storms, and waterfalls. The paper and colours have kindly been donated by Knighton and District Rotary Club. The pictures will be entered into a competition that will be judged in March by the Rotary Club. Pob Lwc!