Litter Pick!

Pupils in Reception and Year One had a great walk around Knighton collecting litter from the streets. We brought all the litter back to school to either bin, reuse or recycle.

Dance Workshop with Emily

We listened to ‘I’ve Got this Feeling’ from the movie Trolls, and followed Emily’s instructions to create a dance. We had great fun!

Creating Jellyfish

After reading the Story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley,’ we worked together to make some jellyfish to hang up in our classroom.

Floating and Sinking

Lots of super discussion about the objects and their properties. We predicted which objects would float/sink and tested our ideas. Great scientific vocabulary being used!

Jubilee Celebrations!

What a fabulous end to half term celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee out on the playground. It was lovely for us to be able to come together after such a long time!

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!

What a fantastic day we have had celebrating the Jubilee! We have made crowns, had a delicious lunch outside and our favourite thing of all, a visit from the ice cream van!