Dathliad Cymraeg

As part of their round robin of Welsh activities, children worked with Mrs Fielding to learn the song ‘Mi Welais Jac Y Do’, they then used the musical instruments to create a composition to accompany the song.

RE-Hot Cross Buns

We enjoyed following a recipe to make Hot Cross Buns. We discussed the symbol of the cross and why we eat Hot Cross Buns at Easter.

A Visit from Knighton Fire Crew

Our thanks to Knighton Fire Service that visited us today so we could learn about their fire engine. They told us all about the equipment on their engine and how they use it to rescue people, cars and animals in emergencies. We loved it! Diolch!

Problem-Solving! Datrys Problemau!

Today, pupils in Year One helped Pirate Pete put his bars of gold into four equal piles in just two moves! It took some deliberating but we used trial and error and got there in the end!