Outdoor play

Cars in the mud
mud kitchen messy play
we made an assault course
outdoor snack
tea anyone!
using our muscles to roll the pipe
role play off to the zoo!
car wash
we made a slide
down we go!
mark making
we made a den in the trees.

Circus skills

balancing peacock feathers on our hands
spinning plates
spinning plates on our fingers!
we had to concentrate hard.
we could even hold 1 in each hand!
Throwing and catching material helps us learn to juggle
we used juggling boards to pass balls between us, using both our left and right hands.
we had to watch carefully for our turn
spinning sticks, these were fun!
We could make them spin up our arms
and back down again
we had to work together
great teamwork

and co operation. We had so much fun at circus skills.

Weeks 14th and 28th Feb

Ready Steady Music
Making faces with different emotions out of loose parts
We made the game Kerplunk out of loose parts
Dance with Emily
Number work
Art with Jody
We love books
Small world play

Week 7th Feb

Balloon games
Den Building
Finding magnetic numbers with magnets
Free play fun and practicing sharing skills
Loose parts play and role play in the den

Week 31st Jan

PE with Mr Rose
learning about Chinese New Year
Outdoor risk taking
We love messy play!
Chinese New Year tough tray
We had a go at a dragon dance
We carefully used tools

Week beginning 17th January

We have been busy learning the days of the week, we have enjoyed learning a song to help us remember the order of them. We have been learning and talking about concepts such as hot/ cold/ wet/dry and in/on.  Forest school session today was so much fun, we looked at bird nests and what birds eat, including making bird feeders. We learnt about fire safety and had a go at making sparks using flints. We used our camp fire to cook Quesadillas for snack.

Week 10th Jan

We really enjoyed Physical Literacy with Mr Rose and Miss Roberts on Monday. Some of the games we played were toilet tag and cat and mouse.

Thursday we were lucky enough to have a dance session with Emily George and her frog Darci. Musical stars was a great dance game we really enjoyed playing


Christmas Party

We had a lovely Christmas party with lots of crafts, dancing and games. We had a social distanced visit from the big man himself and we even had some snow! All the children were amazing and we finished the morning off with sausage and chips!

Animal Man Visit

We were very lucky to be able to see the animal man in school. All of the children were very brave, much braver than the adults!