Year 4

Exploring and building shelters for some other animals!

Gwennol's First Forest School Session!

All children in Dosbarth Gwennol had a fantastic first forest schools session today with Mrs Fielding and Miss Darling aka Butterfly Treeo and Wolf Birdie! The class was split into two groups ‘The Nature Friends’ and the ‘Howlers’ (yes the children came up with these names) and we enjoyed spending some time embedding our rules and routines and beginning our forest school experience. We talked about staying safe in the forest and we spent time exploring the woods.


We welcomed Impelo dance group in to school today. We watched a dance about cells in our body and then took part in a dance workshop that helped us understand more about how the different cells in the body work!

Growing our Forest School!

Mrs Fielding and Miss Jones are currently studying to become Level 3 Forest Schools Practitioners with the aim of establishing our very own forest school community in our school grounds. The forest school will be located on the school field under the canopy of the beautiful oak, hazel and ash trees. The ethos of the forest schools experience is to give learners the opportunity to develop self esteem, build confidence, resilience and take risks in a practical, physical and natural outdoor environment.

If you have any experience, advice or resources that would assist in the development of our forest schools community, we would love to hear from you.

Jess Fielding –

Tara Jones –

Parti Pen-blwydd 100 yr Urdd

We have had lots of fun this morning celebrating Mistar Urdd’s pen-blwydd!!
Take a look on your child’s hwb account, shared files, Knighton-CIW-School, Hei Mr Urdd to see the amazing videos.