Knighton and District Refugee Support Group Q&A

We enjoyed a visit from Larry, Kev and Nicola who are part of the Knighton and District Refugee Support Group who came in to answer some questions to support us with our Mantle. We learnt many interesting facts about the how the group support refugees and also how we can help in supporting refugees.

The Knighton and District Refugee Support Group

This afternoon Larry, Nicola and Rev Ken (who are members of this group) visited us to talk to us about what they do. They explained that there are about 40 members who support refugees, possibly host refugees, support hosts and fundraise to facilitate this; they raise about £5000 a year.
Our pupils asked some really insightful questions and were really intrigued by what our visitors had to say. They were particularly taken by the flashbacks that refugees experience when completing very simple activities (such as going swimming) and the idea that refugees think it’s unsafe to drink water from a tap without treating or boiling it first.

The Animal Man!

Being with and touching animals reconnects us with nature!
The pupils weren’t so keen on the insects, but we need them! ‘Nature is Jenga…nature is balance!’ After a couple of minutes lots of us changed our opinion of cockroaches. We are not born afraid of spiders, we learn it.

Science games

We used our learning about human systems to create boards games. This was a lot of fun!

How can we help? Sut ydyn ni’n gallu helpu?

The pupils agreed they would like to help refugees to feel welcome, loved and supported and that something as simple as a smile would help to do that.

’If I could do anything to help I would …’

Suggestions included: making donations of food, toys, money and shelter, offering a place to stay, providing support to locate missing friends and family, work to promote peace and end war.

Diwrnod Shwmae/Shwmae Day

Today we enjoyed learning the song, ‘Shwmae, Shwmae’, colouring Welsh pictures and wearing our Welsh colours for ‘Shwmae Shwmae Day.’

Pentabus part 3!

We listened to the story of a young boy who had to leave his home.
Ydych chi’n gallu dyfalu beth oedd y geiriau pwysig? Can you guess what the important words were in the story? We had to create an image for them.