Planning for Spring 2023-Journey

We discussed the story ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker. Following this we created our own magical world using resources from the classroom on the carpet. Then we talked about different journeys we could take using different transports. We worked in groups to create freeze frames of these journeys.

Christmas Cards

We have been creative this week, designing and making our Christmas cards then writing a poem to go inside.

Christmas Fayre/Ffair Nadolig

What a wonderful Christmas Fayre! Well done to all our wonderful pupils for creating such beautiful items to sell and thank you to to everyone that supported the sale. Merry Christmas!

Music workshop with Jim

We really enjoyed participating in another musical workshop with Jim today. We created and sang a lovely song which was based off our story ‘Who Swallowed Stanley’. We also enjoyed learning how to play ‘Wheels on the bus’ through boom whackers. We had lots of fun!

Music with Jim

We had more music fun with Jim this afternoon. We have written a song about recycling and enjoyed more time playing the boomwhackers!

Pyjama Drama

Hwyaid Bach had so much fun in Pyjama Drama. We focused on one part of our class story ‘Who Swallowed Stanley’ when the turtle got hurt by the plastic bag. We cleaned the seas to help the sea creatures stay safe.

Pyjama Drama with Louise

We used our imagination to rescue sea creatures from plastic, pretend we were sea creatures and make sounds of the sea. We had a wonderful time!

Musical instruments with Jim

We had a lovely time on Wednesday learning about all of the different musical instruments that Jim brought in to show us. We enjoyed listening to what the instruments sounded like and learning about high and low pitch. At the end of the session we learnt how to play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ on the Boom Whackers.