Barddoniaeth gyda Dai Woolridge

Poetry with Dai Woolridge

Our class enjoyed working with Dai thinking about animals, having being inspired by the Creation story. He was so passionate about his work. One pupil said they’d never met a real poet before!
Pupils wrote their own pieces….here are 2 of their favourites…

Black, cute, white like the moon is bright on a ferocious night, down and far underneath the stars the beast is there a glistening state, sure the beast panda is always there when the sun is bright, the panda stirs out of the stars, his clamping jaws are on the shore. Jack

I spot a frightened frog across the bog, although they may seem weird they should not be feared, hopping along using their humbling song, happy, humbling, hopping creatures is what they are, from frogspawn, to tadpoles, to frogs, they thrive on flies on dark nights. Lola


We are learning how to describe our families in Welsh. This week, Year One, have used their reading skills to create sentences to state how many brothers and sisters they have.

Mantle of the Expert training!

We were visited by Tim Taylor who delivers training for Mantle of the Expert, which is the pedagogical approach we use to deliver our curriculum. The staff enjoyed our session as much as the pupils.
Tim stepped into the role of someone who works in the local Welsh government, proposing to build a plot of 500 houses on the outskirts of Knighton. Pupils took on the role of an environmental protection team and they used their learning from this term to put forward their opinions and asked challenging questions.
Tim was really impressed with their contributions, concerns were raised appropriately and they were well-considered.

PC Ainsworth

Today we were visited by PC Ainsworth who spoke to us about drugs. We considered the different types of drugs … medicines, legal and illegal. We then discussed the dangers of drugs. This is a really important conversation to have and would be worth following up at home.