STEM Challenge

How strong is paper?

  1. Make the three shapes using paper.
  2. How many books can you put on top of them before they fall or break?
  3. Which shape was the strongest?


Enjoy the sunshine!

Go in to the garden, or when you are out for your daily exercise, collect some interesting things to make  a picture with. We would love to see your finished master piece! Email them to us.

Email Mrs Warner & Miss Lowe

If any of our children would like to email us and tell  use something they have been doing or send a photo we would love to hear from them! We will try to reply as soon as we can.

Pupils can access their hwb email in Office 365 (on the main hwb page) using outlook. Our email address can be found under home learning on the front page of this website.

We are both enjoying working out with Joe Wicks every morning on Youtube.  Remember to skip the adverts as they can be unsuitable.

We hope you are enjoying the activities in your packs and if you can get out, enjoy the sunshine!



Home Learning

Your child will have arrived home with a pack of work to complete. We have included a list of websites that your child can access to enhance their learning.  Additionally, they can look on their class pages.

Hwb is a great resource that you can use with you child at home. Please see you child’s home reader or details in their pack for their Hwb Login details. To access these suggested Hwb activities log into Hwb, select Just2easy and then jit


Select a template and write a story in that setting
Select a template and write about a time when you visited that setting
Select a template and write a list of adjectives (describing words) to describe that place
Select Sea, iceberg, space, jungle or wood and write facts about that place.

Use the menu on the left to paste animals/objects into the setting
Use the brush to paint own images onto chosen background
Paint a self-portrait/family member/pet onto a blank background

Select a template and direct the object around the screen
Try simple and when confident have a go at advanced
Create a block/bar graph/pictogram to show your family’s:
favourite colours
favourite foods
favourite animals
shoe sizes

Select a template and use the menu on the left to select an object. Create an animation by clicking on the boxes across the bottom of the screen.

Select a template. Use the menu on the left and follow the instructions to sort the objects by typing in questions about them.

Select a page layout. Choose a topic to write about. Use the menu on the left to drag in images or draw you own. Write about the image you have chosen or drawn.


Welcome to the Specialist Centre

The centre is an additional resource that allow pupils to gain specialised and specific support in order to help close and reduce any learning gaps they may have. For additional information please contact the school or specialist centre staff.