Completed work on Hwb

I am blown away with all the work that is being done and I can see some of you are enjoying using Hwb. If you have saved a piece of work in Hwb, I have been able to have a look at it and leave you a comment. You should find a speech bubble on your work with a 1 on. Click on the speech bubble and read my message!

Fun Letters and Sounds Activity

Take a look on our closed Facebook page (Foundation Phase Page) for the fun filled activity I have shared.

You could do this activity with initial sounds, pictures, words and even numbers. You can find the ‘Letters and Sounds Flashacrds’ on twinkl, starting with Phase 2. There are lots of different phases available, but our children should know all of Phase 2 and nearly all of Phase 3.

Alternatively, you could improvise and make your own Flashacrds.

Be imaginative and have lots of fun. Let me know how you get on.

Diolch, Miss Davies.

Email Miss Davies

If any of you would like to email me and tell me something you have been doing or send a picture,  I would love to hear from you! I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Pupils can access their hwb email in Office 365 (on the main hwb page) using outlook. My email address can be found under home learning on the front page of this website.

PE with Joe Wicks

As you are aware, I have been enjoying participating in PE with Joe Wicks every morning this week and I have received some amazing photographs and videos of the children doing this too. Keep these coming

Shadow activity

If you are able to get out in the garden today, here is a lovely activity focussing  on shadows

Home Learning

Hwb is a great resource that you can use with you child at home. Please see you child’s home reader for their Hwb Login details. To access these suggested Hwb activities log into Hwb, select Just2easy and then jit.


  • Select a template and write about a time when you visited that setting
  • Select Sea, iceberg, space, jungle or wood and write facts about that place.
  • Write a dairy of the activities you have been doing


  • Select a template, use the menu on the left to paste different animals/objects into the setting
  • Use the brush to paint own images onto chosen background
  • Paint a self-portrait/family member/pet onto a blank background


  • Select a template and direct the object around the screen – make sure you tap the green pencil (pen down) to create a pathway of where you have been.
  • Try simple and when confident have a go at advanced


Create a block/bar graph/pictogram to show your family’s:

  • favourite colours
  • favourite foods
  • favourite animals
  • shoe sizes


  • Select a page layout. Choose a topic to write about. Use the menu on the left to drag in images or draw you own. Write about the image you have chosen or drawn.

Don’t forget to SAVE your work so Miss Davies and Mrs Wozencraft can see all of the exciting things you have been exploring. 

Meet our Fluffy Friends

Lily Bob-tail 




Mr Jones came to visit us with twin Lambs, one boy and one girl only 12 hours old.



Look at some of our Ducklings enjoying the water tray this morning