Specialist Centre - Friday 7th January 2022


Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!


We are going to learn all about the four seasons. Ask your family what they know about the four seasons or research information in books you have at home.

Click on the link and learn all about the four seasons.

What are the seasons? – BBC Bitesize

Complete the activities on the page.

Now find a piece of paper. Separate it into 4 parts. Write the name of each season in each part. Draw pictures, write words and sentences to record all your knowledge about the seasons.

You can write the names of the months.

You can also research how many days are in each month!

Good Luck!

Afternoon Activities

What have you been busy doing over the Christmas Holiday?

Draw a picture that shows what you have been doing and write words and sentences to explain your picture!

  We are looking forward to seeing your work next week!