Week 2 Weekly Timetable and Resources

Please find attached this weeks time table and resources.  If you have any problems accessing them please don’t hesitate your child’s class teacher.

Week 2 Timetable

Welsh Wednesday Houses Flash Cards

Welsh Wednesday Song

Welsh Wednesday Questions and Answers Ble rwyt ti’n byw Slideshow

KUW Monday Label Parts of a Castle

KUW Monday Parts of a Castle PowerPoint

Maths 100-grid Resource Sheet 134

Maths Monday Resource Sheet 1140

Maths Monday Year 1 Resource Sheet 1049

Maths Monday Year 1 Year 2

Tuesday Reception Resource Sheet 2

Maths Monday Year 2 Resource Sheet 1015

Maths Thursday Year 2 Resource Sheet 327

Maths Thursday Year 2 Year 3 Resource Sheet 31

Maths Thursday Year 2 Year 3Resource Sheet 32

Maths Tuesday Reception Resource Sheet 1103

Maths Tuesday Year 2 Resource Sheet 1141

Maths Wednesday Reception Year 1 Resource Sheet 3

Maths Wednesday Year 3 Resource Sheet 1142