Maths Homework

This weekends Maths Challenge to be  completed by Monday 14th December


Ask your grown-up to tell you a number up to 20.  Place this number of raisins/cereal pieces on your plate. If your grown-up says ‘one more’, can you add one more and say the number you have? If your grown-up says ‘one less’, can you eat one then count the number you have left?

Can you either email some of you number sentences that you made to your class teacher or email a photograph of you completing the activity to your teacher.


Add ‘9’, ’19’, and 29 to the following numbers…..27, 36, 48, 52, 68, 72, 83, 94.

Remember to use the strategy that we practised in class.  For example, when adding 19, you would add 20 and then take away 1.

So, 34 + 19 you would do 34 + 20 = 54 and then 54-1 = 53.

Therefore, 34 + 19 = 53

Email your number sentences to your class teacher.