Barddoniaeth gyda Dai Woolridge

Poetry with Dai Woolridge

Our class enjoyed working with Dai thinking about animals, having being inspired by the Creation story. He was so passionate about his work. One pupil said they’d never met a real poet before!
Pupils wrote their own pieces….here are 2 of their favourites…

Black, cute, white like the moon is bright on a ferocious night, down and far underneath the stars the beast is there a glistening state, sure the beast panda is always there when the sun is bright, the panda stirs out of the stars, his clamping jaws are on the shore. Jack

I spot a frightened frog across the bog, although they may seem weird they should not be feared, hopping along using their humbling song, happy, humbling, hopping creatures is what they are, from frogspawn, to tadpoles, to frogs, they thrive on flies on dark nights. Lola