1. Practise writing your name in your very best writing.
  2. Read your reading book with a grown up.
  3. Make a repeating pattern-you could use crayons or items from around your home (E.g. knife, fork, spoon, knife, fork, spoon…..)
  4. Practise writing your numbers to 10. Get enough objects to match each number. (E.g. one teddy, two pens etc.)
  5. Draw a picture of something that begins with a s, a, t and p. Can you write what it is?

Year One

  1. Draw a picture of yourself and write three sentences about you.
  2. Practise writing numbers from one to twenty.
  3. Find ten objects. How many ways can you split them into two groups. Try thirteen.
  4. a number game
  5. Practise your spellings.
  6. Read your reading book with a grown up.