Don't cut down the trees! Peidiwch â torri'r coed i lawr!

The children completed their PowerPoint presentations about the tribes who live in the Borneo rainforests- they decided they wanted to stand in front of the class to deliver these presentations too! They peer-assessed each other and gave feedback about how to improve them. We then learned about how deforestation affects the people who live in the rainforests; they class was very concerned. We learned about Human Rights and thought about which of their human rights were violated when their habitats were destroyed. It was decided that we would have more luck persuading Mr Thomas to change the way his business works by writing to him and considering the pros and cons of deforestation, instead of just telling him it was bad. The children completed a cold-write, with no help at all, then we studied discussion texts to see what else we needed to include before completing a ‘hot write’! This really helped the children to see how their writing had improved. This week the children have designed and made their own tribal masks. 

In Maths we have been studying data in graphs; comparing the information available, considering how it could be improved and thinking of questions to ask about it.