Specialist Centre Home Learning Week Commencing 28th March 2022

Iaith Activities

Activity 1 Choose a picture and write amazing sentences!

Mathematics Activities

Activity 1 – Copy the subtraction sentences and write the answers

Activity 2 – Copy the 100 square and add the missing numbers

New Maths Activities

Phonics Activities

Physical Education

Activity 1 – Craft and Fine Motor Skills

Make a String Telephone

What you’ll need:

  • 2 paper cups or 2 yogurt pots
  • A grown up to poke holes in the bottom of the cups or yogurt pots
  • String


  1. Cut a  piece of string (About 3 metres)
  2. Ask a grown up to poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.
  3. Thread the string through each cup and tie knots at each end to stop it pulling through the cup (alternatively you can use a paper clip, washer or similar small object to hold the string in place).
  4. Move into position with you and a member of your family holding the cups at a distance that makes the string tight (making sure the string is not touching anything else).
  5. One person talks into the cup while the other puts the cup to their ear and listens, can you hear each other?

Activity 2 – Listening Skills

Play a game with your new cup phone! Try to look away from the person on the other end of the cup phone.

Take turns to say a word and ask the person on the other end to repeat it.

Can you take turns to say a poem or a rhyme and then try and repeat what you have heard?

Ask or answer a maths question?

Activity 3 – Memory Game

The Suitcase Game

This is a round-the-table memory game. In a group, go around in turn and say what you are putting in a suitcase. Each person has to say all the other items as well as their own new one. To keep things fresh, decide on a theme of the objects – it does not always have to be travel-based.