Jigsaw - Healthy Me (Healthy Eating)

We have working in our groups to make some healthy snacks and we were able to explain why they were good for our body. The children enjoyed trying some new foods and practising their chopping and slicing skills.

Jigsaw - Healthy Me (Medicine)

In our Jigsaw sessions we have been learning how medicines work in our body and how it is important that we use them safely.

NEVER take anyone else’s medicine.

Keep medicine out of the reach of children.

ONLY take medicine that an adult you trust gives you.

ONLY take the dosage on the label.

Cogurdd 2023

Urdd members in year 5/6 were given the opportunity to compete in the school round of this years Cogurdd competition, with the task being to create a salad of their choice in 45 minutes. 14 members participated this year and all really enjoyed the challenge of making their own salads using many different skills in the process. Mrs. Layton had the difficult task of blind judging the top 3, with the winner going through to represent Knighton at the regional round. Llongyfarchiadau/Congratulations to Beatrice Cadwallader on winning the school round!


We had a lot of fun at Zumba on Wednesday. Thank you Tania!

Five Ways to Well-being

Gail from In Reach CAMHS came in to see us to talk about well-being. We learnt that the 5 ways to well-being are: Keep learning, connect, take notice, give and be active. We then created posters to share ideas of how we might do this.


We were so lucky to work with Tanya to develop our Zumba skills on Wednesday. Here are some of our pictures.

Well-being Day

We enjoyed a range of activities including outdoor Andy Goldsworthy artwork, circus skills, physical literacy and we looked picking the delicious apples from the tree to make apply crumble.


Well-being Day!

In the morning, we discussed what makes a good day and a bad day and how to change things when they are going wrong. We then had great fun in the sun playing with the circus skills equipment in the morning. After lunch, when we weren’t swimming, we played yard games, including ‘Mr. Martian’, Duck, Duck Goose and Wink Murder. What a lovely active day we had.