The story of Matthew

We looked at the Bible and we discussed the old testament and the new testament. The first book in the New Testament is the Gospel of Matthew. It is named after one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. We discussed the story of Matthew that is found in Matthew 9.9-13.

We found out that when Jesus was on Earth, he often spent time with people who were disliked or unpopular with others. Jesus believed that everyone should be allowed a chance for their lives to be changed so that they could have a fresh start.  We discussed when we have been given a second chance and we we have given others second chances


Open the Book

Children from Dosbarth Gwennol enjoyed joining the Open the Book team to act out the story of ‘The Last Supper’


We marked the start of Ramadan on Wednesday 22nd March by making a range of decorations.

Knighton & District Refugee Support Group

Larry Wright visited our school on 20th March 2023 to lead a collective worship session explaining his role within the Knighton & District Refugee Support Group. We discussed what a ‘refugee’ is and what we can do to help. We found out that Knighton & District Refugee Support Group welcomes and supports people seeking refuge in the UK.

Peter the Fisherman

John Meredith, the Diocese Director of Education has been working with Year 2 and 3 pupils to create animations depicting the story of how Peter was chosen to be a disciple.

World Religion Day

Following our whole school assembly celebration of World Religion Day, Year 2 children enjoyed focusing on the Hindu Creation story. They discussed the story, the characters and the similarities and differences between the Hindu creation story and the Christian creation story. Some of the children created dances to depict the story, some composed music o accompany the story and others created a collage of Vishnu and Brahma.


Open the Book!

Last week we welcomed the Open the book team bac k into our school for our collective worship sessions. With the help of some year 2 pupils they retold the story of ‘the road to Damascus’

Work with our Diocesan Director of Education, John Meredith

We have been looking at the work of Welsh artist, Jeremy Thomas, and have produced our own work based on his theme, ‘The Human One’-As ‘Artist in Residence’ at St Mary’s Priory he has been working on a series of thirty oil paintings that illustrate the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will post our work up here when it is finished for you to look at!

John Meredith

Yesterday we welcomed John Meredith back to our school to work with children in years 1,5 and 6. He worked with children on two activities; discussing religious values and ethics through art and creating a video depicting the Creation Story.