RE-A Friend to Earth

After listening to the story of Jesus choosing his disciples, we discussed friendship and how we could be a friend to planet Earth. You can see above the children had some great ideas!

School Values

Work with Jody, from Stoneglass Windows, has started on our school mosaic, which has been funded by a grant from the Church Mission Fund. Each class created a design based on our school values, and Jody has collated them into one whole-school design. Our value was compassion.

Frindiau'r Byd

In groups, we have been thinking about creation stories from different religions and what they might teach us. We thought of things that are important to our planet and we diamond ranked them. We then looked at the idea of stewardship and the responsibility that we all have in looking after our world. We also thought of things that we could do to care for our planet.

Pasg Hapus!

After writing our own versions of the Easter Story, we enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt.

Prayer Club

Prayer club was led by Lily and Esme with the theme of giving thanks. Prayer club is held every Monday at 12.30pm in the library. All welcome.

Worship Council Assembly

Today’s Collective Worship was led by the Worship Council. The assembly was based on our value of ‘Forgiveness’. The Council acted out the story of Jonah and the Whale . Well done to all involved.

Cinio Nadolig!

Roedd e’n blasus ac roedd pawb yn hapus! It was delicious and everyone was happy! Diolch i’r cogyddesau, thank you to Jane, Emma and Claire!

Project Touchline

Over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed some sessions with Chris Andrew from Project Touchline learning about the key value of respect and how that is represented in sports in particular rugby. We also created some pieces of Artwork representing what we have learnt throughout the project.