Eco Church Project - Investigating Lichens

Churchyards and burial grounds are very important
places for Lichens. Many burial grounds have well over
100 species of Lichen in them. In our groups we looked at how many different types we could find and where we found them.


Reception/Year One have been thinking about forgiveness and the need to say sorry. Here, they have drawn pictures to show people damaging our planet, saying sorry, and being forgiven.

RE-A Friend to Earth

After listening to the story of Jesus choosing his disciples, we discussed friendship and how we could be a friend to planet Earth. You can see above the children had some great ideas!

Frindiau'r Byd

In groups, we have been thinking about creation stories from different religions and what they might teach us. We thought of things that are important to our planet and we diamond ranked them. We then looked at the idea of stewardship and the responsibility that we all have in looking after our world. We also thought of things that we could do to care for our planet.

Soil Formation

The children have been busy investigating soil formation. Here are some pictures of them making their own compost bins.


In Science, we have been learning about the life processes and habitats. We decided to create our own micro habitats in our school garden.

Eco Council 2023-2024

Meet our new eco council 2023-2024!

We have found out that after our recent Eco renewal inspection, we have achieved our renewal for Platinum Award Eco Schools. We are all very happy about this and want to say a big thankyou to everyone for their hard work.


We have enjoyed gardening with Tom from the Community Garden and we look forward to sampling some of the vegetables in the Autumn.