E-Safety Council

Today we held our first E-safety Council meeting of the year. Meet our new council.

Meet the new chair and vicechair of the E-Safety Council.

Safer Internet Day 2023!

Year 2 / Dosbarth Gwennol

We celebrated Safer Internet Day by all attending a special assembly led by Mrs Blower. She explained to us the importance of talking about what we do online in order to stay safe.


We identified and gave examples of personal details.  We discussed and sorted details that should be kept private and offline and details that are safe to share online. 


We discussed who we could trust if something happened that made us feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened online. We drew pictures of our trusted adults.

We described how we should behave online and in pairs we wrote recipes to help create a kinder internet


E-Safety Council 2022

The E-Safety Council 2022

Today we held our first E-safety council meeting. We had some super discussion about helping parents/carers to keep us safe online. We are planning to send out a newsletter soon!

Safety Internet Training for Parents / Carers

As part of Safer Internet Day on the 9th of February 2021, WISE KIDS is hosting 2 online interactive workshops which will also feature guest panellists. These workshops will explore how we assess online content and interactions, and the knowledge, digital literacy and resilience we need so we don’t get tricked online.

So come along, to learn more!·

Workshop 2 (5.30pm-6.45pm) is for adults (parents/carers/professionals) who must complete this registration form.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr Sangeet Bhullar from WISE KIDS and will also feature guest panellist Dr Huw Davies (Lecturer in Digital Education at Edinburgh university), Mrs Josephine Farag from Cardiff High School, Mrs Julia Willis and Miss Ceri John from Cross Ash Primary, Mrs Becki Bawler from Risca Comprehensive School, Ms Sian Northey from the Parent Network, Mr Dayle Luce from Cardiff Youth Service and Ms Parven Kaur from Kids n Clicks.


Safer Internet Day

We completed activities for ‘Safer Internet Day’ and P.C. Ainsworth came into school to talk to us about how to stay safe online.

We drew and described our ‘online identity’.


E-Safety Council Meeting

In our meeting today we started to organise our assembly for Safer Internet Day which will be on the 27th January 2020. It will begin at 9:10 and all are welcome!