Literacy Enrichment in Y5/Y6

We enjoyed our literacy enrichment morning on Wednesday!  We were looking at spelling strategies and handwriting!

When the root of the word ends in d, de, s or se then we use ‘sion’

Extend- extension

Repulse- repulsion

Also when the root is ‘vert’ or ‘mit’

Divert- diversion

Submit- submission

W Y6

We discovered that we use ‘cian’ when it’s related to a job, like magician, musician, electrician and physician!

S Y6

When the root of a word ends in t or te then we use tion!






I Y5

Spike and Wellington

Our school ducks, Spike and Wellington, are enjoying their holidays- swimming in the river and plenty of food!

Y6 Leavers' service 2021

The children received their bibles and enjoyed a lovely farewell service, given by  Rev. Petra and John Meredith, not forgetting ‘Bob’ the snail!

Oaker Wood

What a fantastic time we all had! We were so proud of all the children, they behaved impeccably and many of them pushed their boundaries.


I wonder if you can spot who is on the monkey climb?



Cross Country

We spent the morning running round the field. This was such good fun, even the ducks decided to join in!

Debate Time!

Today we had a debate. The motion: I propose to build the space hubs to gather intel from other planets and our own.  The proposers gave a strong case for this to happen. The opposers gave a passionate speech why this should not happen. The other speakers shared their ideas and opinions and asked pressing questions. When our speaker ‘Opened to the floor’ the audience also asked some interesting questions and shared their ideas too. This was a great debate about an interesting topic.