Cwis Dim Clem

Gweithion ni gyda Lois i wneud y cwis. We worked with Lois, from Mentur Iaith, to do the quiz. The Year 6 pupils competed in groups of 2, 3 or 4. 28 other schools have competed in the quiz, the top 12 teams will go through to the next round…

Ein henillwyr ni! Our winners!

Fire Safety - Diogelwch Tân

Today we were visited by our Fire Education Officer. She explained the importance of smoke detectors in the home, which should be tested weekly. She explained what not to do in our home with the aim of preventing fires from starting. She also explained what to do if there is a fire: Get out, Stay out, Ring 999.

Visit this site for more information: or call 08001691234 for a safety advice call, from which you could have smoke detectors provided and fitted for free.

Cinio Nadolig!

Roedd e’n blasus ac roedd pawb yn hapus! It was delicious and everyone was happy! Diolch i’r cogyddesau, thank you to Jane, Emma and Claire!

Knighton and District Refugee Support Group Q&A

We enjoyed a visit from Larry, Kev and Nicola who are part of the Knighton and District Refugee Support Group who came in to answer some questions to support us with our Mantle. We learnt many interesting facts about the how the group support refugees and also how we can help in supporting refugees.

Project Touchline

Over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed some sessions with Chris Andrew from Project Touchline learning about the key value of respect and how that is represented in sports in particular rugby. We also created some pieces of Artwork representing what we have learnt throughout the project.

Animal man

We enjoyed a visit from the animal man today! We were very fortunate to hear about how different species and animals live and got the opportunity to see and touch some of the animals spoken about. There were some very brave children in the class that had the opportunity to hold the animals!

Nadolig Llawen i chi!

Everyone has enjoyed our free Christmas breakfast…we’re feeling full ready to see The Animal Man and to get Christmas-crafting ready for the fayre on Friday!

Carolau’r Nadolig

Today our friends Judith and Gilles returned to practise Christmas Carols with us, in English, Welsh and French. The children focussed, showing so much respect and enthusiasm… their voices were beautiful too! Diolch, Judith and Gilles.