Local artist

We have been lucky enough to be visited by a local artist. We had studied the art work of Stuart Roper and were put in contact with him through the art gallery in Knighton.

He came in to talk us through the process of using acrylic paints to create landscape scenes on canvas. We were all fascinated by his approach and are excited to try this medium and process ourselves. So many questions were asked.

Our Maths and Scientific Quest

In maths we made shields using our knowledge of symmetry.

We learnt how to sort different materials out which included: glitter, rice, pasta, gems, buttons, hundreds and thousands, marbles, paperclips and bells. We used sieving, magnets, and scoops.

We investigated invisible ink and then used the best to make maps.

We investigated how absorbent different materials were to soak up water from an oasis.

We learnt how to melt ice the quickest without force to retrieve our gems.

Everyone really enjoyed this quest!