Sorting / Didoli

We have been using our sorting skills to sort living and non-living things, as well as different minibeasts. We worked extremely well together and had lots of interesting discussion throughout.

Pentabus; part 2!

This week we thought about home; what is it? We had to consider the 5 senses when thinking about home. We then gave a word to describe home….calm, happy, relaxed, like I can do whatever I want, entertained, sleepy…!

Pentabus project

We are working with Andrew, from Pentabus, on a project which has been part-funded by the Knighton and District Refugee Support Group.

We started by considering how all of our experiences are different.

Study an image

After our training with Tim Taylor we tried a new way to move into our mantle. We studied an image then tried to imagine the thoughts of the people in it. Our pupils showed such empathy and understanding.

”We need to move up to make room for more people”

”Where are the rest of my family?”

”I’m scared”

”What if we drown?”

Mantle of the Expert

We have had a very busy afternoon making this beautiful meadow. We studied a meadow and discussed what creatures and animals may live there. We were told that builders wanted to come and build houses on this beautiful meadow and we were worried about what would happen to these creatures and animals. We all worked extremely well together to create this.