UK Parliament Assembly

We were visited by Claire Dare this afternoon. She came in to tell us about how parliament works and we even had a go at passing a law of our own! It was great fun and we were able to learn a lot.

World Religion Day

Following our whole school assembly celebration of World Religion Day, Year 2 children enjoyed focusing on the Hindu Creation story. They discussed the story, the characters and the similarities and differences between the Hindu creation story and the Christian creation story. Some of the children created dances to depict the story, some composed music o accompany the story and others created a collage of Vishnu and Brahma.



Cnoc-y-coed discovered a sword on the school field today. They have thought about lots of questions and research points about the sword. It’s time to become archaeologists!

Tree planting

Cnoc-y-coed planted trees on the school ground showing a commitment to the sustainability of the planet.

World Cup 2022

We really enjoyed watching the Wales vs Iran game today and wearing our red clothes to show our support!

Cymru am Byth!

We enjoyed watching a little of the footy today….although a little disappointed by the result!

Pyjama Drama with Louise

We used our imagination to rescue sea creatures from plastic, pretend we were sea creatures and make sounds of the sea. We had a wonderful time!