RE-A Friend to Earth

After listening to the story of Jesus choosing his disciples, we discussed friendship and how we could be a friend to planet Earth. You can see above the children had some great ideas!

Auto Draft

ADERYN DU P4C (Philosophy for Children session)

We enjoyed playing ‘Shuffleswap’ as a warm up game:-

‘Does the universe go on forever?’, ‘Sharks or crocodiles?’, ‘Christmas or birthdays?’, ‘Is it better for a lamb to live a short life and then be eaten, or not live in the first place?’, ‘UK or Australia?’

We then looked at ‘The Painting We couldn’t Ignore’ (‘An experiment on a bird in the air pump’) and discussed how making progress (technology and medicine) can often be controversial- tests and experiments on animals and humans.

Frindiau'r Byd

In groups, we have been thinking about creation stories from different religions and what they might teach us. We thought of things that are important to our planet and we diamond ranked them. We then looked at the idea of stewardship and the responsibility that we all have in looking after our world. We also thought of things that we could do to care for our planet.

Pentabus Day

Throughout the day we thought a lot about keep sakes and how refugee children take these with them when having to leave their homes. We thought about the journeys refugees have to make and how they might feel when they arrive in a new country. By the end of the day we had created a performance to share with our parents during our class assembly.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus

We looked amazing in our Welsh colours and costumes today. We have enjoyed painting daffodils, making Welsh flags digitally on Hwb, and preparing for Dathliad Cymraeg day next week.


Here are some of the children enjoying their Kerbcraft sessions with Powys Road Safety. Many thanks to Sue Davies and Jess Price for volunteering.

A Visit from Knighton Fire Crew

Our thanks to Knighton Fire Service that visited us today so we could learn about their fire engine. They told us all about the equipment on their engine and how they use it to rescue people, cars and animals in emergencies. We loved it! Diolch!