This Week Year One have been working in maths on their coin recognition and using this learning to pay for items.

Hula hoop story telling with Peter

We have had a fantastic afternoon with Peter story telling. We pretended that we went to Alaska, the North Pole, a desert, a volcano and space and thought about what we might pack in our bag. We thought about how we could use a prop such as rope, boots, a hat, tape, binoculars etc. to solve a problem that we might face on the way.

Story telling with Peter

We had a great time with Peter on Thursday learning all about story telling! We created our own stories based off ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘Loopy Luna and the Hula Hoop’.

Making up stories!

Today we were visited by Peter Duncan who worked with the children to create a shared story. When the children arrived back into the classroom after break they were greeted by a tunnel and a letter. They investigated the area and read the letter. The letter contained identity tags and a letter. The children concluded that the letter and the identity tags must have been from an evacuee. So they decided to go through the tunnel and step back in time to 1939. They were all transported back to Knighton Train Station when a train of evacuees were arriving from Liverpool. They were met by Mr Thompson who was a busy man trying to arrange host families for the evacuees to stay with. Luckily, the children had time to interview Mr Thompson before they returned back to 2023….just in time for lunch!


We are really enjoying our expressive arts sessions with Mrs Phillips. We are currently learning three songs in relation to our theme of journeys.