We are learning how to describe our families in Welsh. This week, Year One, have used their reading skills to create sentences to state how many brothers and sisters they have.

Mantle of the Expert training!

We were visited by Tim Taylor who delivers training for Mantle of the Expert, which is the pedagogical approach we use to deliver our curriculum. The staff enjoyed our session as much as the pupils.
Tim stepped into the role of someone who works in the local Welsh government, proposing to build a plot of 500 houses on the outskirts of Knighton. Pupils took on the role of an environmental protection team and they used their learning from this term to put forward their opinions and asked challenging questions.
Tim was really impressed with their contributions, concerns were raised appropriately and they were well-considered.

Forest School

Children have enjoyed building and fire lighting.

Forest School

The children have been fantastic using tools to make wooden necklaces.

Forest School - fires!

Toni and Hels from Branching Out visited us again, this time we were lighting fires. All children showed great perseverance in trying to get the fires started. Despite it being June we all appreciated the warmth from the fires and even more than that, we loved the toasted marshmallows! We also made our own charcoal which we are excited to create some art work with!

Forest School with Branching Out

Today our class has been lucky enough to work with Toni and Hels in a Forest School session.

We used a pruning saw a to cut a branch of a hazel tree to create a rope ladder. Others created dens whilst waiting. Lots of skills were developed, including resilience, team-work, communication and empathy.