Safer Internet Day 2023

Following the reading of ‘Hanni’s Magic Window’ we played a board game that reinforced who to and how to ask for help. We also used the ‘Like Ladder’ to order the online activities from our favourite to least favourite.

A Step back in time!

Children were visited by Julie and Laura from Knighton Museum. They bought a variety of artefacts from the 1940’s for the children to look at and handle.

Writing our book!

We worked with Peter to complete our story. We talked about Les Nabb’s identity card from last week and that it was his birthday today. We created a book to help him and the other evacuees from Liverpool. The book included a map of Knighton, pictures of the town and rules of the countryside. We also made him a birthday card. We travelled back in time to 1939 to deliver his card. When we arrived we were at Les Nabb’s 9th birthday party. We gave Les his book and birthday cards and we played ‘Stations’, a game from the 1930’s.

Then the sheep escaped from the field and we had to help the evacuees and the local children find them. Then it was time to return to 2023 just in time for home time.


This Week Year One have been working in maths on their coin recognition and using this learning to pay for items.

Evacuation Rap

In groups, we have been learning the ‘Evacuation Rap’.

I wanna tell you a story about evacuation

I found myself at Knighton station.

Dressed in my best with my coat and tag

And a few little essentials in my bag.

We arrived at the station hungry and tired

My head was buzzing I felt I was wired

We all lined up and went down the lane

And that’s when my heart began to cry in pain,

I didn’t want to go and leave my mum,

I wish that this war could soon be won

A new home and family lay ahead

And here is the day that I now dread.

Would they treat me nice

Would they be so kind

Will it be tidy

Guess I really don’t mind

Whose shield is it?

Today we investigated a shield. We needed to investigate who it belonged to and what was important about the person.

Problem solved! We found out that it belonged to King Arthur! What a discovery it was!

Research, research and more research....

After meeting Daisy at the train station we went back to class and used historical sources such as newspapers, books, photographs and letters to help us work in our mantle groups to complete our mind maps about what we want to find out this term about evacuees in World War Two.