Drugs - Cyffuriau

PC Ainsworth visited us today to talk about drugs; legal and illegal. She highlighted the importance of the age restrictions of things like alcohol, tobacco and vapes; they are poisonous to the growing bodies of children. Lots of pupils share their ideas and knowledge in a respectful way.


We have been investigating direction. We programmed the Beebots to travel around the routes. Wonderful perseverance.


Dai Davies the astronaut wants to plan a space leaving party before he leaves for outer space. He wants our help to create a digital invitation using JIT Write to send out to his friends.

Here are some of our amazing invitations we have completed;


We have been using the Bluebots to direct around the maps and along the story of Whatever Next. We discussed the steps needed to get to the next picture of the story and programmed the Bluebot to do this. Great team work by all children.

Marvin Mouse Flies to the Moon

Today we each made a Marvin Mouse and flew him as far as we could using our milk bottle rocket. Here we are with the mice that we made. We launched the mice, measured how far they travelled and recorded our results.

Science - Rocket Mice / Llygod Rocket Gwyddoniaeth

We have been using our knowledge learned so far about Space to make Rocket Mice. We found out that if we ‘hit, squeeze, push’ the carton harder, then the mice will travel further because of the air from the carton. The mice fly up and then gravity brought them back down. We measured the distance using metre rulers and lego blocks. We discussed the distance travelled and compared whose mice travelled the furthest.

Problem Solving\ Datrys Problemau

We used our mathematical problem solving skills to solve a problem where we used our building skills to build houses in different ways. There always had to be two bricks (rooms) on the bottom and the same number of bricks each time.

History Detectives!

We enjoyed spending a lovely afternoon at St. Edward’s Church being ‘History Detectives’. We investigated and recorded data from the headstones and we even had the opportunity to look at some of the church records from over 300 years ago!


Year 2 children have been creative this week whilst working with Jody McPartlin to create our whole-school values mosaic.

Outdoor Learning

Today we played leaf snap. We collected leaves and then used our observation skills to shout snap when we saw similarities.