RE-A Friend to Earth

After listening to the story of Jesus choosing his disciples, we discussed friendship and how we could be a friend to planet Earth. You can see above the children had some great ideas!

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ADERYN DU P4C (Philosophy for Children session)

We enjoyed playing ‘Shuffleswap’ as a warm up game:-

‘Does the universe go on forever?’, ‘Sharks or crocodiles?’, ‘Christmas or birthdays?’, ‘Is it better for a lamb to live a short life and then be eaten, or not live in the first place?’, ‘UK or Australia?’

We then looked at ‘The Painting We couldn’t Ignore’ (‘An experiment on a bird in the air pump’) and discussed how making progress (technology and medicine) can often be controversial- tests and experiments on animals and humans.

School Values

Work with Jody, from Stoneglass Windows, has started on our school mosaic, which has been funded by a grant from the Church Mission Fund. Each class created a design based on our school values, and Jody has collated them into one whole-school design. Our value was compassion.


The Mantle of the Expert spark for this term is discoveries. The children have discovered a long lost tomb on the side of a mountain in the Valley of the kings.  The discovery is reported to the British Museum who dispatch a team of archaeologists to investigate the discovery, open the tomb and catalogue what’s inside. The children will now take on the role of the archaeologists to find out about Ancient Egypt and the treasures discovered. Here are some of the things that they would like to find out about this term in order to help them achieve this…

Frindiau'r Byd

In groups, we have been thinking about creation stories from different religions and what they might teach us. We thought of things that are important to our planet and we diamond ranked them. We then looked at the idea of stewardship and the responsibility that we all have in looking after our world. We also thought of things that we could do to care for our planet.

Scavenger Hunt

It was a lot of fun going outside in the sunshine to complete our Easter Scavenger hunt!

Jigsaw - Healthy Me (Healthy Eating)

We have working in our groups to make some healthy snacks and we were able to explain why they were good for our body. The children enjoyed trying some new foods and practising their chopping and slicing skills.

Jigsaw - Healthy Me (Medicine)

In our Jigsaw sessions we have been learning how medicines work in our body and how it is important that we use them safely.

NEVER take anyone else’s medicine.

Keep medicine out of the reach of children.

ONLY take medicine that an adult you trust gives you.

ONLY take the dosage on the label.


This week we said farewell to Rob and Jim from Powys Road Safety Team who have been helping us to stay safe when we are crossing the road. Thank you so much to Sue Davies and Jess Price for giving up their time to support our students.