Year 3/4 Emergency home-learning pack

Please find below some activities you can complete if you are unable to come in to school due to COVID, with very little notice.


You will need to use the Internet for research to be able to complete these tasks. Here is a link to some clips that you may also find interesting!

fact file India 

chloropleth map

travelling to and from India


Maths- choose some problems from this resource…they are organised in year groups so that should help you to find one with the right level of challenge…they are not supposed to be easy though!



Email your work to either; (Mrs Drakeford) (Miss Jones) (Mrs Clarke)

Foundation Phase

If you are unable to come to school due to COVID 19 please complete some of these activities and email work to your child’s class teacher.

  • Can you write a similar story about a ‘very hungry’ animal? What happens to it?
  • Retell the story from the point of view of the caterpillar. Why was it so hungry? How did it feel after eating so much?
  • Can you use alliteration to describe some of the food that are eaten? (e.g. lovely lollipops, scrumptious strawberries).
  • Read the story and try to retell it to a friend. Can you remember all of the food that was eaten, in the correct order?
  • Use Venn / Carroll diagrams to sort the foods that the caterpillar eats.
  • Count the total number of foods that were eaten by the caterpillar. How many of these were fruit / vegetable / contained meat etc?
  • Sort the foods that the caterpillar eats, in different ways. Which ones are healthy / unhealthy? Which are processed / unprocessed?
  • Think of a healthy / unhealthy meal for another hungry caterpillar.
  • Find out about the life cycles of caterpillars / butterflies. Find out about the life cycles of other animals.
  • Learn about metamorphosis. Find out about other animals who undergo metamorphosis.
  • Create a collage of a big, fat caterpillar!
  • Create another collage showing the beautiful butterfly.
  • Look at photographs of butterflies and paint your own. You could try folding a piece of paper in half and painting one half of a butterfly on one side. Then fold the paper over, press it down and open it out to reveal the full butterfly.
  • Welsh Language – Can you play the attached game? Activity 2(i) Dice game

Many thanks

Year 4 Emergency Home-Learning pack

emergency home learning pack

If you are unable to come to school for COVID-related reasons, please complete this work and email it to us.

Science work:

All other work:

This work can also be completed if our class bubble has to be closed. More work will be posted within 72 hours of the closure.

Miss Davies - Reception - Hwyaid Bach

Literacy Challenges

  • Writing your child’s name using a variety of resources/equipment – chalk/pens and paper/shaving foam/playdough/iPads/paint/water and paintbrushes outside/sand/pasta etc.

Support and encourage your child with their ‘pincer grip’ of holding the pencil/pen when writing/forming the letters.

What is a Pincer Grip? - Answered - Twinkl Teaching Wiki

  • Letters and Sounds  – please use the following website to find letter and sounds activities, resources and sets of ‘sounds’ and ‘words’ you can use at home. We are currently working at ‘Phase 2 Sounds’ but please feel free to work on ‘Phase 1’ too. 

  • Jolly Phonics – listen to the following link on youtube to sing along to the letter sounds. They are in a different order to the ‘Letters and Sounds’ sounds but please do not worry about this, as the encouragement to sing and recognise the letters sounds is the important aspect.

  • ‘I spy letters’ game – can you find objects around the house that begin with different letters? e.g. s = smelly sock, a = apple, t = torch ect.


  • Handwriting Practise  – We are using the cursive handwriting in school – find formation sheets on Twinkl or look at the pack sent out to you at the end of Summer Term.

Twinkl Handwriting Continuous Cursive Alphabet A4 Display Banner

Numeracy Challenges

  • Number formation practise
  • Count objects around the house
  • Object hunt – how many apples can you find?
  • Addition – can you add objects together to find out how many altogether?
  • Online activities;
  • Click on the following link and choose Foundation or Key Stage 1 in the left hand column. Choose an area of learning in the top middle box and then decide upon the activity below. 


Please take photographs of the children’s work and upload it onto your child’s Hwb account or email them to me.

Have Fun!!

Many Thanks,

Miss Davies

Mrs Fielding and Mrs Blower-Year 1/2

Healthy Party Challenge

The Funnybones skeletons would like to organise a party for the people who live in their town. It needs to be fun, exciting but HEALTHY! You will need to complete the following challenges to help the skeletons organise their party:

  • List the people they should invite
  • Write party invitations
  • Create a healthy menu
  • Create a poster to advertise the party
  • Price your party snacks up to 10p each. Find different totals of two snacks. As an extra challenge find the change from 20p.
  • Make a timetable for the party-Draw clocks to show what time the party begins, the time for lunch, time for games and time the party ends.
  • Invent a fun game for the party and tell your grown up how to play it.
  • Make a party hat!

Please remember to save all evidence of work in your child’s Hwb account or email it to your child’s class teacher.