Supertato we need your help.

The children found a crime scene in the classroom. They were super investigators as they tried to solve the crime.

Year 5 and 6. Aderyn Du and Barcud Coch.

Emile maths work.

Practice going through your script and begin to look at costume ideas.

If you have any materials, begin to make some props/scenery.

Practice the songs for the production.

Barcud Coch- have a think about choreography for the dance off.

UK Parliament Assembly

We were visited by Claire Dare this afternoon. She came in to tell us about how parliament works and we even had a go at passing a law of our own! It was great fun and we were able to learn a lot.

First week back

Barcud Coch have had a busy first week back. We have been looking at time in maths and have started looking into our new topic which is Myths and Legends.
Barcud Coch have begun playing a game of Bookopoly- in order to move around the board they have to finish their book. They are enjoying the challeng

Shoe Box Habitats.

Barcud Coch have been busy making their shoe box habitats in science this week- they look fantastic!