Soil Formation

The children have been busy investigating soil formation. Here are some pictures of them making their own compost bins.

Cogurdd 2023

Urdd members in year 5/6 were given the opportunity to compete in the school round of this years Cogurdd competition, with the task being to create a salad of their choice in 45 minutes. 14 members participated this year and all really enjoyed the challenge of making their own salads using many different skills in the process. Mrs. Layton had the difficult task of blind judging the top 3, with the winner going through to represent Knighton at the regional round. Llongyfarchiadau/Congratulations to Beatrice Cadwallader on winning the school round!

Barddoniaeth gyda Dai Woolridge

Poetry with Dai Woolridge

Our class enjoyed working with Dai thinking about animals, having being inspired by the Creation story. He was so passionate about his work. One pupil said they’d never met a real poet before!
Pupils wrote their own pieces….here are 2 of their favourites…

Black, cute, white like the moon is bright on a ferocious night, down and far underneath the stars the beast is there a glistening state, sure the beast panda is always there when the sun is bright, the panda stirs out of the stars, his clamping jaws are on the shore. Jack

I spot a frightened frog across the bog, although they may seem weird they should not be feared, hopping along using their humbling song, happy, humbling, hopping creatures is what they are, from frogspawn, to tadpoles, to frogs, they thrive on flies on dark nights. Lola


Supertato we need your help.

The children found a crime scene in the classroom. They were super investigators as they tried to solve the crime.

Year 5 and 6. Aderyn Du and Barcud Coch.

Emile maths work.

Practice going through your script and begin to look at costume ideas.

If you have any materials, begin to make some props/scenery.

Practice the songs for the production.

Barcud Coch- have a think about choreography for the dance off.

UK Parliament Assembly

We were visited by Claire Dare this afternoon. She came in to tell us about how parliament works and we even had a go at passing a law of our own! It was great fun and we were able to learn a lot.