Hedgehogs and Kings and Queens

Practising our fine motor skills, can you fill the hedgehogs spikes?
Kings and Queens small world play, helping make sense of what we are hearing on the television.
Out and about in our community. We all walked so well, holding hands and staying safe.
We had a good look around the Flower box, We tried to find the frogs but they were hiding!
We put a bunch of flowers at the memorial for the late Queen.
Funky Fingers activity can you decorate a crown for the new King?
Design a castle fit for a King.

First week fun

squishing blackberries to make blackberry playdoh
Mixing all the ingredients
PE with Mr Rose
Mud Fun
Hoola hooping

Week 16th May

We had a baptism for baby Rosie
Reverend Petra with the help of Bob the mollusc took the ceremony. Here are the proud parents with baby Rosie
We have really enjoyed building this week.
We designed our own crazy golf course
We made tall buildings as well
After our snack we take it in turns to compost our leftovers
We had a dance session with some of the older children
We worked with the older children in pairs to make up our own dance moves.
snack time
Reverend Petra and Bob
Risky play
outdoor painting fun
composting our snack scraps
small world bug play
Baby chicks
We got to hold the baby chicks
we had to be very gentle
Walk to find signs of spring
looking at the stream
Building a dinosaur farm
making patterns with buttons
Outdoor risky play
practising our balancing skills
digging and mud play
Funky fingers picking up worms with the birds beak
Puzzles are great for problem solving
Mark making
Dance with Emily
Mark making
co operative play
craft with Jody
block play Look what we made
more fantastic creations

Mothers Day gifts

We carefully counted out the correct number of spoonfuls required for each ingredient
We wrote our names in our cards
we mixed the ingredients all together to make our bath bombs
we wrote our names on the gift tags and wrapped up our presents.