We have been investigating direction. We programmed the Beebots to travel around the routes. Wonderful perseverance.


We have been discussing our emotions and relating it to different colours.

Today, we made a colour rainbow and talked about things we can do to help us when we are feeling sad, anxious and angry.

Great teamwork!

Thank you Mrs Scotford

Mrs Scotford has been very busy crocheting us a Meg and Mog story set. Today, we enjoyed using them to retell our favourite Meg nd Mog stories.

Out and About!

We enjoyed another trip to the supermarket to practice our money handling skills and asking for help.

Can you guess what we are going to do this week?

Auto Draft

Safer Internet Day

We talked about how we search safely for information on the internet. We used the voice recorder to help us.

We searched for information on dinosaurs.


Today, we visited the shops to use money in real life situations. We bought some yummy treats!