Year 3/4 Emergency home-learning pack

Please find below some activities you can complete if you are unable to come in to school due to COVID, with very little notice.


You will need to use the Internet for research to be able to complete these tasks. Here is a link to some clips that you may also find interesting!

fact file India 

chloropleth map

travelling to and from India


Maths- choose some problems from this resource…they are organised in year groups so that should help you to find one with the right level of challenge…they are not supposed to be easy though!



Email your work to either; (Mrs Drakeford) (Miss Jones) (Mrs Clarke)

Eco action plan 2020/21






Activities & tasks


Who, where, how, when

Cost Monitoring:

Evidence collection


Of effectiveness

Healthy Living


To increase the number of fruit/vegetable portions in lunchboxes

To reduce the number of ‘high salt/sugar/fat’ items in lunchboxes



Stickers for healthy lunchboxes based on eat-well-plate…Healthy Schools Council to promote and award.

Share photos of healthy lunchboxes on the school website to share good ideas

Healthy Schools Council Stickers Posters to promote

Facebook posts

Photos to celebrate




School grounds

See action plan of Growing council





Global Citizenships


To learn about another culture



Learn about another country through topic- Indian Summer


Year 1/2- links to Palestine; communicating with children in school there. Song- Rights of the Child.

Key Stage 2- during lessons



Led by JM

NA Through Thema books and any other work created through topic



Healthy lunches - Cinio Iach

One of our eco-council targets this year is:

To increase the number of fruit/vegetable portions in lunchboxes

To reduce the number of ‘high salt/sugar/fat’ items in lunchboxes


We will be taking photos of healthy items in lunchboxes to help share good ideas!

Mefus a melon


Even better- they were in re-useable pots!

Y corff

Mae blwyddyn 4 yn dysgu am y corf. Ble mae popeth yn y corff?


WC 8th March

Timetable WC 8th March



green maths WC 8th March

blue maths WC 8th March

red maths WC 8th March



Iaith WC 8th March

spellings WC 8th March

Tues Speech Marks WC 8th March



Activity 19(i) – Detective Game

Activity 20(i) – Monsters pictures

Activity 20(ii) – Descriptions sheet – Differentiated

Activity 20(iii) – Answers



RE WC 8th March


Schools will be fully open to primary school pupils as of the 15th of March. Well done for all your efforts through this lockdown- it hasn’t been easy for anyone but you’ve kept going!



WC 22nd Feb- complete

Here is the full week for you, apart from Thursday:

Timetable WC 22nd Feb

Maths Tues 23rd Feb

Iaith Tues 23rd Feb

green maths WC 22nd Feb

blue maths WC 22nd Jan

red maths WC 22nd Feb

RE Tues 23rd Feb

Iaith wed-fri







Also, learn the lyrics to Sosban Fach…Sosban Fach…