Bug Hotels

We have been learning about the habitats of different minibeasts and finding out where different minibeasts like to live. We then went out onto the field and made bug hotels using boxes, tubes and natural materials.

Butterfly Life-Cycle Dances

We have enjoyed the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and have been learning how caterpillars change into butterflies. We created dances to show the life-cycle at each stage.

Daily Check in Schedule

You will have the opportunity to check in with your child’s class teacher once a day, while at home, via Teams on Hwb.  This will be a 10 minute session where your child can chat to their teacher or ask any questions about their home learning. Please choose the most convenient time for you and your child below.

Hwyaid Bach (Reception)-8:40, 12:00 and 3:00

Eryr/Gwennol (Year 1/2)-8:30, 12:20 and 3:30

To join the meeting your child will need to log into Hwb, click on the Outlook Icon and then click on the email that will be in the inbox from the class teacher, with the subject heading ‘Check in.’ Within the opened email you will be able to see in blue text, underlined, ‘click here to join the meeting.’ Click on that text and you will be taken to Teams where you will then need to click on ‘join meeting.’ Your child’s class teacher will accept you into the meeting at the appropriate time.

Wednesday 6th January-Friday 8th January

We hope that you are all staying safe and well! Please find below the link, that you need to right click on to access a list of activities. The document with the activities on will appear in a bar at the bottom of your screen. Please click on that to view the challenges that we would like the children to complete this week while at home.

The Three Little Pigs Challenge

Please remember to save all evidence of work in your child’s Hwb account or email it to your child’s class teacher. We will be making regular contact with you, however, if you require any support in the meantime, please contact your child’s class teacher using the emails below.

Miss Davies-DaviesS1466@hwbcymru.net

Mrs Blower-BlowerM2@hwbcymru.net

Mrs Fielding-MorrisJ313@hwbcymru.net


We thank you for your continued support and Happy New Year!

Music-Dem Bones

We have enjoyed using percussion instruments to accompany the song ‘Dem Bones.’ We focused on rhythm and keeping a steady beat!

Pupil Voice-Curriculum Planning Spring 2021

Today, we were visited by two little pigs and unfortunately the Big Bad Wolf! The pigs needed help to design a strong house that would save them from the wolf.  As next term, our topic is Houses and Homes, we also thought about what we would like to learn about and we mind-mapped our ideas!

Poppy Fields

Today we looked at the painting ‘Poppy Fields’ by Vincent Van Goch, linking to our work on Remembrance Day. The children have created their own Poppy Fields artwork, choosing their own media to work with.